Discover Your Hogwarts House With An AR Sorting Hat

Discover Your Hogwarts House With An AR Sorting Hat

Well, are you a die-hard fan of Harry Potter films and novels? This is the right time for you to get in touch with the mobile application – The Wizarding World app. It is one of the central hubs for every Potter fan could have! The application has a lot of features as it has an official base of fan letters. There are certain other features that only special members can have access to it. The application offers its members to create their personalized passports of Wizarding World. These kinds of features are just exciting to the fans of Harry Potter. 

The Wizarding World app offers amazing content to its fans and keeps them engaged as the whole app is magic-themed, just like in the films of Harry Potter written by the famous author J.K Rowling. In the world of the digital age, it will be a great chance and opportunity to feel real in the world of magic as there are various interactive platforms available in the Wizarding World Application. 

The Wizarding World app has also another feature that it can discover your Hogwarts house as it has an in-built Augmented Reality Program of the Sorting App, just like the films! There is also another AR-related game just like Pokemon-Go! The name of the game is known as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as it is a location-based game built-in Augmented Reality and, the users playing the game have to travel in a real-world location to discover new spells, characters, items, etc. The Wizarding Wold App is available on the App Store as well as on the Play Store. Only a handful of features are available if the user is not in the accessible territory. IN this way, you might use your desktop. 

Do you like to find out about your Hogwarts House? The Wizarding World App offers the AR-related Sorting Hat only if you become a special member. You might want to re-consider taking the sorting hat quiz. You must try taking more Harry Potter themed quizzes from our website quizz boom. We create and design new Harry Potter theme-related quizzes often on our website. Our users who visit the website do love our quizzes. I’m sure you are going to love attending the quiz too! With the immersive technology available, Harry Potter novels and films have become popular all over the world. The questions in the quiz will be psychology-related in order to analyze the attender’s personality in detail.