Introduction to orbital sanders

The sanders smoothen several wood, metal, or plastic surfaces. These tools are lightweight and offer a smooth surface finish. It can help you with several DIY projects, so it is necessary to know how to use and choose an orbital sander machine for better results. Did you know that it is the forefathers of all sanders?

The following Bob Smith Tools article describes how to use these machines at home. Read on to know more.

Components of Orbital Sander

  • The housing motor is the power source of the machine.
  • A sanding pad helps to tone or smooth a wood surface.
  • Power button to switch on/off the unit.
  • Dust bag collects the surplus debris.
  • Palm grip provides hassle-free handling.
  • The battery supplies the motor with power.

Basics of the Machine

  • Please don’t forget to wear safety glasses and a mask while using the sander.
  • The grits are available in many varieties, and the larger number equals fine and smooth finishes.
  • The medium grits of size 40-60 bits help remove unnecessary stains or paints from the surfaces.
  • The fine grits of size 150-180 help to refinish a surface.

Working Mechanism 

It is a simple device that consists of a motor connected to a ball bearing system, which is attached to a rotating pad. How the sanding pad rotates on the bearing unit makes it special. The elliptical movements of the pad eliminate sanding the same area twice.

Nicknames of Orbital Sander Machine

  • Palm sander
  • Sheet sander
  • Pad sander
  • Vibrating sander
  • Circular sander
  • Quarter-sheet sander
  • Rotary sander
  • Finishing sander

When to use Circular Sander?

  • It best suits large sanding projects that need extreme strip-down of the surface.
  • Using Bob Smith tools helps save you project time and effort.
  • The tools aid you to achieve excellent and smooth finishes.
  • Depending on project size, you choose between a circular sander or a manual sanding method.

Things to be done before sanding

  • Select appropriate sandpaper that fits the smoothness of the surface.
  • Make sure to remove all loose material before starting the process.
  • Apply only light pressure to the sander during the sanding process.

Benefits of Pad Sander

  • It caters to quick sanding needs of wood, plastic, or rough metal.
  • Sheet sanders suit delicate tasks.
  • The sander helps remove rust or paint.


The above-profiled article on the orbital sander machine provides the necessary information to handle the device with care. Be sure you buy from genuine sellers like Bob Smith tools for consistent performance of the machine.